Merge Mar-Tech With Mobile
Ad Tech Solutions

In the pursuit for the purest form of customer data, brands require an integrated network of mar-tech and ad-tech partners who can close the loop on valuable consumer information to improve ROI and increase consumer relevancy. With Addictive Mobility’s EngageFront® and IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange, sensitive audience information can remain protected in a two-way flow between platforms, allowing for real time, in-depth analytics and fully optimized mobile advertising campaigns.

Allowing Advertisers To:

1) Aggregate premium mobile in-app inventory across top global exchanges
2) Access real-time ad server for instant delivery statistics (< 1 second delay)
3) Analyze performance data in a high level of detail with the ability to deep dive into every dimension of a campaign
4) Add tags with ease through built in creative tag generator, fully functional for all mobile ad unit formats

Enrich Audience Data With

Our robust pre-loaded database of categorized points of interest and ability for users to upload custom POIs enables marketers to retarget their UBX audience with precision. Brand messages can be shared within the most contextually relevant environment to drive increased engagement.

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